Houston Mayoral Candidate Jackson Lee Responds to Recording Cursing at Staff

A recording of Houston mayoral candidate Jackson Lee cursing at a staff member was released to the public. The recording, which is believed to have been made in 2010, has caused a stir in the Houston mayoral race, as some voters have expressed concerns about Jackson Lee's temperament and leadership style.
In a statement released in response to the recording, Jackson Lee admitted that the recording is of her voice. She apologized for her language and said that she "falls short" sometimes, but that she is "standing up for" her constituents when she does. Jackson Lee also accused her political opponents of releasing the recording in an attempt to discredit her campaign.
Jackson Lee's response to the recording has been met with mixed reactions. Some voters have said that they are forgiving of Jackson Lee's outburst, while others have said that it has made them less likely to vote for her. The recording has also been the subject of much debate among political commentators, with some arguing that it is a sign of Jackson Lee's strong leadership style, while others argue that it shows that she is not fit to be mayor.
It remains to be seen what impact the recording will have on Jackson Lee's campaign. However, it is clear that the incident has raised questions about her temperament and leadership style. Voters will ultimately decide whether or not they believe that Jackson Lee is the best person to lead Houston.