Tips to savor springtime and reflect on life’s important memories


(NewsUSA) - Spring is here, with milder weather, more hours of daylight, and many opportunities to gather with family and friends. Spring is the perfect time to savor life’s sweetness — not only the special occasions that come with the season, but also the everyday moments that make memories to cherish for years to come.

Photos are one of the most popular ways to capture memories, and today’s digital tools make the process even smoother. Use these simple strategies to save, access, and share the photos that tell the story of your life so you can savor springtime with family and friends, both now and in the years to come as you revisit past memories.

  • Organize your albums. Albums are great way to savor memories. Albums can be based on time (springtime), event (spring break vacation), or theme (baseball, family reunion, etc.). Finding your favorite photos from the sea of digital images on your phone might seem daunting, but Amazon Photos makes this job easy. You can search and find your favorite photos based on several features including Date Taken, Things, People, and Places, then sort them into titled albums for easy access. 
  • Highlight special events. To preserve a memorable event, the Memories feature on Amazon Photos creates custom slide shows that are easy to view and share. Make a slideshow of your child’s Easter egg hunt, their first spring concert, or simply the wildflowers in bloom during the season’s first thaw.
  • Travel through time. Want to look back at wedding, graduation, or birthday party memories? Amazon Photos’ “This Day” feature makes it easy to remember and share how you and your loved ones have grown and changed year by year. What graduate wouldn’t appreciate a walk down memory lane looking at all of their first-day-of-school photos?
  • Share your memories. Not every photo needs to end up on social media — sometimes, you just want to share it with your loved ones. With Amazon Photos, you can create private sharing groups that allow a specific set of people to be able to view and share photos amongst themselves through Groups to gather their photos in one place.

Visit to sign up and start organizing, searching, and sharing your photos today. Make the most of your photos and enjoy your memories this spring and beyond. Amazon Prime members get unlimited photo storage and non-Prime members get up to 5 GB of storage for free. The Amazon Photos app is available on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.